2016 TTC Ladies Lunch & Learn

Truck News article


TORONTO, Ont. – More than 330 women in the transportation industry gathered at the annual Toronto Transportation Club’s Ladies Lunch & Learn event in downtown Toronto on June 14 to network and learn some valuable lessons from industry veterans.


The day featured a cocktail reception, luncheon, and an educational panel session where attendees got to ask women in the trucking and logistics sector burning questions.


The panel was comprised of Lori L. McCreight, president of Quik X Transportation; Kelli Saunders, founder and CEO of Morai Logistics; and Pamela Ruebusch, founder and owner of TSI Group.


The three women had a lot of advice to give out to the curious audience. Here were the three most important takeaways from the panel discussion:


Want a raise? Ask for it


If you believe you’re worth more than you’re getting paid, Saunders stressed that you speak to your employer(s) about a raise right away.


“You have to ask to get,” she said. “You can’t assume that the person on the other side, be it a child, a fellow colleague, a manager or a boss knows what you’re thinking or what you want. You have to ask for it. The men in my office will come into my office, sit down, and ask for a raise. The ladies will not.”


She said that women are typically too shy to ask for a raise and this prevents them from being paid what they should be.


“Don’t assume a raise will just come to you. You have to ask,” she said.


Networking is crucial to your success in transportation


One of the most important things you can do as a woman in transportation is network, according to McCreight.


When asked about her success in the industry, she claimed that networking and asking questions helped her learn all about the industry. From there, she formed relationships that helped her get where she today.


She urged members of the audience who employ women or newbies to the industry to spend the money and send them to industry and networking events as much as possible.


“Don’t be afraid to let them come to these kinds of events and let them learn to network in the industry and introduce them to people in the industry because that really helps them in the long run,” she said.


Apply to the jobs you want


Have your eye on a new job within your company? Bite the bullet and apply, said Ruebusch.


“You really have to put your hand up for that next role,” she stressed. “The stats are that 80% of men will put their hand up if they’re only 50% qualified for the role, and only 20% of women will put their hand up if they’re 80% qualified for the role.”


She said that if you believe the position is right for you and you’re passionate about the role, you should put your name in the hat.


“Ladies, don’t be shy and really try to push your career forward and believe that you deserve it,” she said.