‘The War on Talent’

CITT Conference – featuring CEO Pamela Ruebusch

excerpt from Supply Professional – Dec 2019 issue

Why is there a war for talent and why have a talent strategy? Pamela Ruebusch, founder and CEO of TSI Group, discussed these and other employment questions during an education session entitled Strategies for Addressing the Talent Gap. “Finding exceptional talent has always been a challenge for any organization or company,” she told the audience. “But somehow our industry seems a bit more challenged.”

The logistics industry is losing workers and they’re not being replaced fast enough, Ruebusch said. Baby Boomers are retiring and the industry has an image issue – many potential employees don’t realize the challenging and rewarding nature of a career in the logistics and transportation fields, she said.

Ruebusch discussed some of the skills that supply chain professionals need now and in the future. These skills extend beyond technical know-how, although some people are more often expected to have some knowledge of big data, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. Analytical thinking, critical thinking and project management skills remain important, while financial knowledge is also key.

“You want to ensure that you attract people with these skills,” Ruebusch said. “That will depend on how well you deploy your talent strategy.”

To tap into up and coming talent, Ruebusch recommended partnering with post-secondary schools that offer internships. As well, capitalize on international students, as many have double degrees or industry background and can potentially bring a lot of knowledge to an organization. Ruebusch also recommended involving employees as company ambassadors. “Educate your employees about your company’s mission, vision and empower them to be great brand ambassadors for your company,” she said.

Overall, the Canadian Logistics Conference 2019 gave an insightful look at the wide range of supply chain and logistics topics. The quest for talent, the rise of technology and the need for those working in the field to continue to learn and grow emerged as pivotal themes at the event.