TSI Group is a boutique firm that provides services in executive searchstrategic

talent acquisition and leadership development throughout North America.

We partner with our clients to offer our knowledge, capacity and resources to find

and grow the talent that drives our clients’ success.


Just three years after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1987, Pamela Ruebusch, at the young age of 25, saw that there was a market to be served in the executive search industry. Rather than testing the waters, she jumped right in, founding her own firm, TSI Group, Inc. “Looking back now, it was something that was meant to be.” Ruebusch, now CEO says, “I really had nothing to lose.”

TSI became a leader in the supply chain sector in talent acquisition serving clients across Canada and throughout the US. The practice flourished, and as existing clients kept asking for more, TSI found opportunities to transfer expertise to a wide range of sectors. Our experience and insights have served clients in multiple industries in meeting a wide variety of needs including offering M&A services for clients looking to acquire, merge or sell businesses.

With clients in Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Retail, Food, Energy, Engineering, as well as Supply Chain, TSI continues to adapt to the changes in the marketplace. We look for ways to better support the talent needs of our clients and are actively expanding our capacities that complement our talent acquisition services.