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TSI Group first in Canada to implement AI-driven Executive Talent Analytics Platform, Teamscope

This partnership links TSI’s best-in-class executive search methodology with Teamscope’s data-driven insights to improve the quality of hiring decisions and add value to the search process

TSI Group is the first Canadian Firm to adopt Teamscope, a leading data and talent analytics platform, that adds value to their portfolio. TSI Group chose Teamscope to enrich its executive search methodology with data-analytics and decision science. The move is part of a larger strategy to deliver more value to their clients reinforcing TSI’s ongoing commitment to offer the best tools in the marketplace to support their hiring process.

By bringing data into the hiring process, Teamscope disrupts hiring decisions clients often make that rely on gut-feeling. Instead, the platform measures a candidate’s fit by identifying team values and personality traits, then presents this data in a concise, informative dashboard. This scientific approach reduces the probability of expensive hiring mistakes.

“We were looking for a tool that would help our clients make the best hiring decisions and build winning teams. Teamscope’s simplicity of a hiring dashboard with science-backed talent analytics, gave us the depth and clarity we needed to give our clients the confidence with important hiring decisions”, says Pamela Ruebusch, CEO of TSI Group.

Tonis Arro, Teamscope’s Co-founder and Chairman, commented, “Boutique executive search firms like TSI Group tend to offer the best quality by actively engaging their partners at all stages of the search process. Teamscope provides TSI Group with the data-based platform they need to structure the search process and differentiates themselves using science.”

About Teamscope

Teamscope is a platform that enables executive search firms and enterprise clients to make better, data-based hiring decisions, as well as develop teams, plan for succession, and build winning organisations. Established in 2015, Teamscope is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, with offices in the U.K. and Poland. Collaboration with TSI Group is the first step into the Canadian market. For more information about Teamscope, please visit

About TSI Group

TSI Group, a leading boutique search firm based in Toronto, Canada, provides best-in-class executive search, strategic talent acquisition and leadership development to clients throughout North America. Celebrating over 30 years of success, TSI Group utilizes a robust search methodology and strategic approach to deliver optimal hiring and succession planning results. For further information on TSI Group, call CEO, Pamela Ruebusch at +1 905 629 3701 x 223 or visit