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TSI Group has proven success in identifying strong leaders and professionals in all functional areas of the business landscape. Whatever business cycle, sector or market you're in, we can help your business thrive by providing the best people that meet the business needs of today.

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In a changing global marketplace, leaders more than ever need to know how to inspire their people by clearly communicating the vision, goals and desired outcomes of the business.  Having the right leadership skills, and foresight is key.  Throughout our 33 year history, TSI Group has been helping our clients with their C Level hires so their businesses can thrive.

Completed Searches

  • Chief Executive Officer 
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Chief Operating Officer 
  • Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Chief Legal Officer
  • President 
  • Managing Director
  • Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
Supply Chain

The integrated supply chain is critical to most businesses today whether it be a manufacturer or distributor.  Since the beginning, TSI Group has lead the search industry for 'best in class' talent in the supply chain.  With Supply Chain embedded in the genesis of our firm, our reputation in this space is as an industry leader and innovator.  

Completed Searches

  • Vice President, Supply Chain
  • Vice President, Logistics
  • Director, Supply Chain
  • Director, Customs and Procurement 
  • Director, Demand Planning
  • Senior Manager, Supply Chain 

Our clients, large corporations to small cap businesses, require the right financial leaders with skills that go beyond the numbers.  The financial leaders of today need as much business acumen and influencing skills as their overall accounting best practices.   Our network and ability to find the best suited Financial leaders for the clients we serve is second to none.  

Completed Searches

  • VP, Finance 
  • Director, Finance   
  • Senior Finance Manager
  • Accounting Manager 

The role of 'best in class' operations leadership is valuable and a necessary to any business.  Having the right operations leaders and professionals drives overall outcomes to a business in an efficient and tactical way, and tracking the results allows for continuous improvements.  At TSI, our research team and search consultants have the knowledge and background to identify and cultivate the talent needed for your business. 

Completed Searches

  • VP, Operations 
  • Senior Director, Plant Operations
  • Senior Director, Operations 
  • Terminal Manager 
  • Plant Manager
  • Director, Operations
  • Superintendent 

Whether it be research, product development and design, construction, production, or operations, we are fully aware of how to find top talent for your mechanical, production, chemical, biomedical, civil and aerospace engineers.   

Completed Searches

  • Director, Engineering
  • VP, Product Design
  • Engineering Manager 
  • Manufacturing Engineer 
  • Senior Manager, Mechanical Engineer 
  • Senior Manager, Industrial Engineering
Sales & Marketing

To be on the cutting edge of business growth, you need to ensure you have the right sales and marketing leadership and team driving a 'best in class' sales and marketing strategy. TSI has been identifying, attracting and confirming the brightest and best sales and marketing talent throughout our history.  

Completed Searches

  • VP, Sales & Marketing 
  • VP, Contracts
  • VP, Business Development
  • Director, Sales & Marketing
  • Director, Business Development
  • Senior Manager, Commercial
  • Director, Corporate Gifts
  • International Sales Manager 
Human Resources

The challenge to attract exceptional Human Resources leaders has intensified.  A great people leader aligned with the business strategy can make all the difference with your people, leadership and culture. At TSI, we are aware of how to attract the best HR leaders that align with our client's business and strategy.

Completed Searches

  • VP, Human Resources 
  • VP, People & Culture
  • Director, Human Resources  
  • Director, Total Rewards
  • Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP)
  • HR Manager
  • Legal Counsel

An organization's success is more and more tied to quality IT systems and digital platforms.  With leading edge AI and data analytics providing the right business intelligence for stakeholders, IT leaders must ensure 'best in class' technologies to keep ahead of the curve.  

Completed Searches 

  • VP, Product Technology 
  • VP, Information Technology
  • Director, Information Technology 

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We are committed to identifying and developing leaders that will add measurable value and results to your organization.

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