TSI Group places new Director, Product Technology for Recochem

Canadian-based executive search firm TSI Group led a successful countrywide search resulting in the appointment of Edward Muliawan as Recochem’s Director of Product Technology.

A seasoned chemical engineer, skilled at developing innovative market and science-based products and solutions, Edward holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. Based in Edmonton, Edward will lead Recochem’s Nisku Technology Center where he will mentor an 11-member team including chemists, engineers and product developers, working to enhance and develop the next generation of Recochem products.

“We are delighted to welcome Edward to the Recochem team,” says Brian Prendergast, Senior Vice President, Americas. “Edward has a proven track record of leading global technology and manufacturing teams to produce superior products. We are excited to support him and his team in realizing the next generation of Recochem’s family of products.”

“It was a pleasure to work with the team at Recochem,” says Pamela Ruebusch, CEO of TSI Group. “By thoroughly understanding their company, culture and vision, and using our research-based methodology and extensive network, we were able to find the ideal candidate to further complement their impressive team of talent. Edward is a great addition to the Recochem family, and I wish him every success in his new role.”

About Recochem
Canadian-based Recochem is a global leader in formulating and producing household and transportation fluids. The company has earned a global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service, earned over its 65-year history. Recochem maintains its commitment to innovation, partnering with its global customers in formulating solutions, centered on socially responsible, environmental business practices. For more information, visit www.recochem.com.